RUKUN Senior Living Partners

To provide the best services for residents and members, RUKUN has partnered with the following:

dr. Ibnu Syifa
Practicing at RUKUN Senior Living as Wellness Doctor, he graduated from medical school at UKI, and continued with a Masters Degree in Medicine from Universitas Indonesia.
dr. Mohamad Sedijono SpPD, KGER, SpKP, FINASIM
Active as a professor of Internal Medicine and Geriatrics at UKRIDA Medical School Jakarta.
dr. Muhammad Vinno Nur Irvanto Putro
Active at EMC Sentul Hospital as a general physician, dr. Vinno graduated from Universitas Sebelas Maret, Surakarta.
dr. Sugianto Hadibrata SpKJ
This senior psychiatrist graduated from Psychiatry at Universitas of Indonesia Medical School in 1992 and is active at EMC Sentul Hospital and Sanatorium Dharmawangsa.

Healthcare Services
RUKUN Senior Living

Medication management system that is more accurate and hygienic.
RUKUN Senior Living

Threapy and rehabilitation services for post stroke and a range of other health conditions.
RUKUN Senior Living

Health testing and laboratory services.

RUKUN Senior Living
Asosiasi Senior Living Indonesia
Trade organization of senior living and allied services providers in Indonesia.
RUKUN Senior Living
Ageing Asia Alliance
Leading trade organization of senior services providers in Asia.
RUKUN Senior Living
Alzheimer's Indonesia (ALZI)
Foundation with a mission to support and raise the quality of life of People with Dimentia, Alzheimer's sufferers, their family members and caregivers in Indonesia