Cost Comparison

Living expenses exists no matter where we live. To assist you in calculating and comparing the costs of your current lifestyle and the cost of living at RUKUN Senior Living Resort, we have provided the following calculator for you:

  Home RUKUN Senior Living
Social Life Isolated from friends, limitations in the ability to participate in activities with other people. A community of residents and sincere staff. The opportunity to interact and engage in activities daily.
Transportation Dependence on others to go places. Transportation services that are routinely scheduled or can be booked for personal needs.
Meals Dining alone, difficulty managing an adequate diet or meal schedule. Freedom to dine together in the restaurant or take room service from a wide menu selection.
Household Having to manage and maintain household chores and domestic staff. Professional housekeeping and laundry service.
Emergency Response Constant worry about emergency response if needed. Emergency Call system installed and staff who are standing by 24 hours to respond.
Exercise Limited access to exercise training and competent staff. The opportunity to exercise daily to maintain or improve strength, mobility, and overall fitness.
Independence Greater dependence on others if requiring daily assistance. Or, needing to hire and manage an in-home caregiver with all the associated employment issues.. Competent support provided by caring staff that are managed by RUKUN.