Why RUKUN Senior Living?

There are many reasons why RUKUN Senior Living offers a relevant option for seniors:

  • Seniors can choose to just participate in daily activities at RUKUN Senior Club while still living in their own homes or with family. Or, they can choose to live at RUKUN Senior Living.
  • Rates to stay at RUKUN Senior Living resort dan Senior Care are available on a daily, monthly, or yearly basis, with lifetime packages also available. This way, residents can try without risk, and always have the option to stay as short or as long as they wish.
  • RUKUN Senior Living was developed from the outset as a combination of hospitality and care services.. Consequently, the service level and methods we employ value each resident as a guest who deserve premium treatment, not as patients who have no choice in the service they receive.
  • Seniors can adopt a modern lifestyle with a choice of residence options from private villas, private resort Suites, to a facility with specialized services, all within one senior community that is complemented with support services as needed.
  • Living in their own homes in a generalized setting can pose higher risks for seniors. Although RUKUN cannot guarantee a life completely free of challenges, however, seniors and their families can reduce that risk at RUKUN Senior Living with the monitoring and assistance that is readily available when needed.
  • To ensure that a resident is and can be served optimally at RUKUN, every resident undergoes periodic Wellness Assessments to evaluate his/her overall state of well being.
  • For some people, the relationship between children of a senior parent can blossom when not living together under the same roof. RUKUN offers a comfortable and professional senior residential option to help families optimize their family harmony.
  • RUKUN Senior Living is the first senior living community in Indonesia, and is recognized by third party organizations including:
    • ISO 9001:2008 Certification
    • Asosiasi Senior Living Indonesia – Founding Member
    • Ageing Asia Alliance – Member
    • Alzheimer’s Indonesia – Affiliate